Top 3 WordPress Caching Plugins and Choosing The Best One For Your Website

WordPress Caching Plugins

If you run a WordPress site, excessive load times can limit your website traffic, lower your Google search rank and lessen your website’s overall potential. However, a free or low cost caching plug in can easily prevent this lag and the issues that accompany it. What is more, they do not have to be a hassle to set up and they will make visitors more likely to stay on your website. In this post, we will provide a breakdown of the top 3 most popular WordPress caching plugins on the market and score them in important categories.

What do you know about Caching?

In a computing context, a cache is a place to temporarily store the data or files. Active data is often cached in order to reduce the load times. When you return to a frequently accessed site, chances are that your web browser will have a good portion of the website’s files stored within its cache. This means that the web browser needs to receive less fresh information from the website, resulting in a faster load time. The way caching plugins work is by saving the dynamically generated HTML files and serving them from the cache i.e. reusing previously generated data, whenever a request is made, rather than loading all of the PHP scripts from WordPress every time you hit refresh. The result is that your site loads far quicker for all its visitors.

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How to Select The Best WordPress Caching Plugins For You

The first step is to identify that what you expect from your WordPress caching plugins and create criteria accordingly and the criteria could includes:

  • Cost: Like a lot of WordPress caching plugins, the price of the caching solutions can range from free to a few hundred dollars, but the price does tend to reflect how feature-rich and reliable the end product will be.

  • Complexity and intuitiveness: This will depend on your own experience with plugins – are you happy to dive in and get it sorted without much help, or do you need a simple, step-by-step procedure to get you up and running.

  • Power and functionality: Some WordPress caching plugins come with an extra features such as integration with content delivery networks, magnification (removing all unnecessary characters from the source code) and the GZIP compression (file compression essentially). These all enable your site to run even faster but are really only necessary for large sites.

  • Support: Some plugins have support lines, forums, documentation – the full shebang. Others may have very little support or even none at all. How much support do you feel comfortable having?

So, we have our basic criteria stored out, and let’s have a look at the top 3 most popular WordPress caching plugins:

WordPress Caching Plugins

About WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache can deliver static pages with mod_rewrite (which is faster than the usual PHP generated HTML caching) or PHP, depending on your preference, meaning that each visitor doesn’t need to load all of the WordPress PHP files – they simply receive a static HTML page. However, there is the ‘legacy caching mode’, meaning that if you’re logged in, you won’t experience the super cached HTML files. WP Super Cache also enables you to change the order in which plugins load, so if you need certain plugins to load with lighting speed, you’re in luck.

Good Features

  • Easy to install and configure.

  • Support for Content Delivery Networks.

  • It’s free!

Bad Properties

  • A few issues with compatibility (themes, other plugins etc) have been reported by some users.

  • If a user is logged in, they won’t experience super-caching.

Bottom Line

WP Super Cache is most helpful WordPress caching plugins if your server isn’t all that powerful or if you are experiencing a lot of unexpected traffic.

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WordPress Caching Plugins

Know More About W3 Total Cache

With more than 900,000 downloads, W3 Total Cache is the second most downloaded WordPress caching plugins on the market. If you’re looking for a free caching plugin that offers a boatload of customization options, you’ve found it. With 16 pages of configuration options, you’ll be able to tailor a caching solution to your precise specifications. If complete customization sounds like a headache, don’t worry – W3 Total Cache also comes with a simple one-click setup (see instructions below). To cut a tremendous amount of loading time, W3 Total Cache utilizes file signification and GZIP compression. Like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache also supports Content Delivery Networks and allows you to export your settings for future use.

Good Features

  • Supports CDNs, minification and GZIP.

  • Vast customization options – 16 pages worth!

Bad Properties

  • So many customization options could be a little daunting for some.

Bottom Line

With a plethora of customization options, W3 Total Cache really does suit everyone’s needs. However, if you’re not so hot on WordPress caching plugins, this one might be a little daunting.

WordPress Caching Plugins

Get More Knowledge on WP Rocket

Unlike the previous two plugins mentioned, WP Rocket requires you to purchase a license. The cost is $39-$199, depending upon how many sites you’d like to install it on. While you might be thinking of free alternatives, you should know that WP Rocket might be a wise investment. WP Rocket is the fastest option on the market. And while WP Rocket has few advanced options, its incredibly user-friendly interface and efficient design offer awesome caching results with minimal effort. In addition, WP Rocket tech support is quick to respond and eager to show you the depth and quality of their product. WP Rocket features lazy image loading (which prevents unloaded pictures from being stored), cache pre loading and GZIP Compression. In the plug in’s settings, there’s a separate tab for signification and excluding pages from caching. Content Delivery Networks are supported and customized settings can be exported and used down the road.

Good Features

  • The fastest on the market.

  • Excellent tech support available.

Bad Properties

  • Does cost between $39-$199 to install.

  • Limited advanced options.

Bottom Line

While this is the only premium WordPress caching plugins featured, the simplicity and proven speed of WP Rocket make it a good choice for pretty much any site.

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