Guidelines To Use WordPress App on iPhone

WordPress App on iPhone

In the annual State of the World talk, the co-founder of WordPress Mr. Matt Mullenweg shared few very interesting data. Like for instance, we learned that only 14% of newly created blog on website actually experienced continued use. It was also revealed that nearly 30% of WordPress users access the WordPress using from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad touch and iPad. Did you know that there is an official WordPress App is available on the app store. For our users, we decided to describe how to use WordPress app on iPhone.

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Why Use WordPress App on iPhone?

WordPress app for iOS allows you to run yourWordPress domain without losing the mobility. You can take your WordPress website with you in your pocket. WordPress app is designed to be touch and mobile friendly. Therefore, it is very easy to use. This app has an intuitive user interface that makes using it a pleasure. Moreover, combining iOS native touch keyboard with the WordPress app formatting buttons, you will find it very easy and simple to write a post on your touch devices. You can do any WordPress related tasks without sitting on your desktop or using a computer. Although, you can open your WordPress admin area in mobile browser but the issue is that WordPress admin area doesn’t have an optimal interface for the smaller screens. On the other hand, WordPress is made for iOS devices, so the interface is designed to be more touch and small screen friendly.

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How To Set up WordPress App on iPhone

  • WordPress app for iOS devices is available for free from the itunes store. After installing WordPress app, sign-in using your WordPress website’s username, password and also provide your site URL. The iOS app will connect to your WordPress domain and fetch your data.

WordPress App on iPhone


  • The WordPress app for iOS devices a quite simple and intuitive user interface. There is a menu available on the right from where you can jump to some different sections of your site. You can write posts, edit and create pages, view site, manage comments or go to the admin area in a browser.

WordPress App on iPhone

  • There are two buttons on the screen at the bottom of the menu, i.e. Settings and Photo.

WordPress App on iPhone

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  • The settings button will take you to configure the different options for using WordPress site on iPhone. Also, you can add multiple blogs and website from settings page and manage them from a single WordPress app on your device.

WordPress App on iPhone

  • Plenty of WordPress users who uses WordPress app on iPhone usually like to post content and photos. The conveniently placed photo button allows users to take a photo and upload images from their iPhone to the WordPress domain with just a few clicks.

WordPress App on iPhone

  • This is a great solution for the travel bloggers and lots of our users have utilized this features on their vacations across the Africa, Europe and other part of the world.


Important: In case, if you are traveling outside and you want to blog through your iPhone, then you can face some network related issues because all network providers doesn’t provide best of their facilities to everywhere. In such case, you will need to switch on some other network provider and for this purpose you must unlock your iPhone imei. For the imei unlock, you can visit website that will help you to unlock imei of your iPhone.

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