Stop The Hackers By Removing Trojan.Egguard Virus From WordPress


If your site has been hacked or infected by Trojan.Egguard virus, then don’t panic..!! This post will describe how to clean your WordPress site, if it has been hacked or infected by Trojan.Egguard malware. This article is written by Charlie Alfie, the author of site. I am an accredited security researcher, WordPress developer and also I own and operate many of my own WordPress powered sites including this one. If you are running WordPress domain, then this post will help you to clean your WordPress website from Trojan.Egguard infection.

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How To Know that Your WordPress Site Gets Infected With Trojan.Egguard Virus?


If you suspect that your site have been hacked or infected with Trojan.Egguard malware, then first make sure that you have actually been hacked. Sometimes, we get panicked when the website administrator contacting us thinking that their site have been hacked, but their WordPress site is just misbehaving or they are seeing some spam comments and can not tell the difference between that and the hack. However, your WordPress domain has been hacked if:

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  • Seeing spam appearing in your website header or footer which contains adverts for things like drugs, pornography, illegal service etc.

  • Often the spam comments will be injected into your webpage content without any though for presentation, so it may appear as dark text on the dark background and can not be visible to human eyes, but the search engine can see it. You see pages or the content that you don’t recognize and that looks like malicious.

  • Receive reports from your users that they are being rerouted to a phishing or unknown websites. However, pay special attention to this because many hacks will detect that you are the website admin and not show you spam but will only show spam contents to your visitors or to the search engine crawlers.

  • You will receive a report from your hosting provider that your WordPress site is doing something malicious. For instance, if your host provider tells you that they are getting some reports of spam emails that contains a link to your site, this means that your WordPress have been hacked and infected with Trojan.Egguard threat.

  • The cyber hackers is sending spam from somewhere and your WordPress site as a link to divert users to the dubious website they own. They do this because including a link to your domain will avoid the spam filters while including the link to their own site will get caught in the spam filters.

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Solution To Remove Trojan.Egguard and Clean Your WordPress Site


Once you have ascertained that you site have been hacked and infected with Trojan.Egguard virus, then backup your WordPress website immediately. Use the FTP, your hosting providers backup system or the backup plugin to download a copy of your entire site. The reason that you need to do this is because many hosting providers will immediately delete your entire website if you report that it has been infected or hacked or if they detect this. It sounds crazy, but this is the standard procedure in some cases in order to prevent other system on their networks from getting infected.

Make sure that you also backup your WordPress site database. Backing up your database and files should be your first priority. Get this done, then you can safely move on to the next step of cleaning your WordPress website comfortable with the knowledge that at least you have a copy of your hacked or infected domain and you won’t lose everything.

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