How Can You Avoid MS Outlook PST File Corruption

PST File Corruption

If you are a user of MS Outlook, then you can easily recognize these messages which is related to PST File Corruption:

  • Unable to display the folders. The file .pst could not be accessed.

  • MS Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the disruption.

  • The file .pst is not a personal folder file.

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These messages indicates a problem which is familiar for most of the MS Outlook users that is the PST File Corruption. The damages or corruption of PST files makes its items like contacts, emails, notes, attachments, journals, calendar etc. Inaccessible for the Outlook users.

PST File Corruption

The Most Common Reasons Behind the PST File Corruption

  • Hardware or Software issues.

  • Media corruption.

  • Broken PST files.

  • Hard disk damages.

  • File header corruption.

  • Power failures.

  • Networking faults.

  • Improper Outlook exists.

  • 2 GB limitation errors.

  • Virus attack.

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Six Simple Ways To Avoid MS Outlook PST File Corruption

PST File Corruption

Outlook Data File is the store house of the Outlook data that needs your special attention if you really want to keep your email communication undisturbed. There are some steps mentioned below are the most simple and easy steps that are comfortably implementable. Although, they are extremely effective in reducing the chances of MS Outlook PST file corruption.

  • Always Exist Outlook Properly : This is very simple that do not shut down or close an Outlook application abruptly. Exit it properly and wait for it to close its own. Before shutting down the PC, always check if the MS Outlook is running or not. Thereafter, shut down your computer only after the proper closing of Outlook.

  • Don’t Save the PST file on a Network Drive or in a Server : PST files have maximum safety and the security on your system. So, do not try to save them on a network drive or in a server.

  • Do not Handle Large Volume of Emails in a Single Operation : Be patient while performing mail operations such as moving, copying and deleting. Don’t move, copy or delete the mails in a huge numbers, instead do these processes in many repeated steps.

  • Keep PST File Size in Check : Users of earlier versions of MS Outlook should strictly follow to this one. The maximum possible PST file size in MS Outlook versions prior to 2003 version is only 2 GB. But in the Outlook 2003 and 2007, it is around 20 GB. However, in Outlook 2010 and 2013 version, this limit is pre-configured to be 50 GB. So, it is better to keep PST file size below what it is permitted. If required, then split the PST files to keep its size in check.

  • Be Alert Against Virus Attack : Be careful while sharing the PST files. Use a good and quick antivirus software in your computer and also ensure that it is not harmful to the PST files. Moreover, ensure that only virus-free programs or applications are there in your PC.

  • Backup the PST Files Periodically : Always be prepared against the disasters. Keep regular backups, so that the disasters can not cause permanent damages to the mail communication system.

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PST File Corruption

How To Fix the MS Outlook PST File Corruption

MS Outlook files can become corrupt in spite of all precautions. But, it is not desirable to leave mail box items to the state of inaccessibility, after the corruption occur. MS Outlook has few inbuilt features with it to fix the minor PST file corruption issues. The mostly widely used among them is the Inbox Repair Tool i.e. Scanpst.exe. Although, the Scanpst.exe inbuilt tool is not successful in repairing the major PST file corruptions. Instead of this, use third party tool for MS Outlook PST repair which facilitates the professional recovery of inaccessible items from the corrupted MS Outlook PST files.

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