Simple Steps To Keep Your WordPress Safe and Secure

WordPress Safe and Secure

WordPress is the most popular blogging and the CMS system on the Internet that makes it a favorite target for the cyber hackers. Having a WordPress website means that you have to take few extra efforts to protect yourself and your visitors data. Here is a summary of the best practices to keep your WordPress safe and secure that will help you to do that. It is very important to mention that these measures do not guarantee a 100% protection against the hacking attempts, mostly because a 100% secure domain does not exist, but they will protect you against the majority of severe attacks.

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How To Keep Your WordPress Safe and Secure?

WordPress Safe and Secure

Keep your WordPress website and plugins updated: It is really very important to keep your core WordPress files and all of your plugins up-to-date to their latest versions. Most of the new WordPress and the plugin versions contain some security patches. Even if those vulnerabilities can not be easily exploited most of the times, it is quite important to have them fixed.

Consider the two-factor authentication: Enabling the two-factor authentication for your WordPress domain will significantly improve the security of your site. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the Clef to authenticate using your mobile phone. For all the SiteGround users, Clef authors have created an ad-free version of their plugin.

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Ensure your PC is free of malware and viruses: If your system is infected with a kind of virus or a malware, then a potential attacker can gain access to your login details and make a valid login to your website through bypassing all the measures you have taken before. That is why, it is very important do have an updated antivirus program which helps you to remove malware and viruses completely from your system and keep the overall security of the system that you use to access your WordPress website on a high level in order to keep your WordPress safe and secure.

Use strong passwords: You will be surprised to know that there are number of users that use phrases like “123456” or “password” for their admin login details. Needles to say, such login passwords can be easily guessed and they are on the top of the list of any dictionary attack. Therefore, a good tip is to use an entire sentence which makes sense to you and you can remember easily. Such login passwords are much, much better than single phrase ones and that will completely help you to keep your WordPress safe and secure.

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Make sure that your site is on a secured WordPress hosting: Your WordPress website is as secured as your hosting account. If someone can exploit the vulnerability in an old PHP version for instance or other services on your hosting platform it won’t matter that you have the latest WordPress version. That is why it is very important to be hosted with a company that has the security as a priority.

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