Fixing the White Screen of Death Error Issue in WordPress

White Screen of Death Error

If you have been using the WordPress website for a few years, then you have encountered the white screen of death error at least once. The WordPress white screen of death error is one of those extremely irritating issues like an error establishing a database connection. The reason why this kind of issue is frustrating for the WordPress users is because it locks you out of your WordPress site admin panel. Because there is no error output in the most cases, you are left clueless in order to figure out what is the issue.

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The worst thing about this white screen of death error is that sometimes it will only affect the certain part of your website. For instance, you may only see the white screen of death error on your WordPress admin while everything else working fine. In some other cases, you may only see it on a specific posts whereas everything else is running just fine. In this post, we will show you how to fix the WordPress white screen of death error issue by looking at a few possible solutions.

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White Screen of Death Error

Am wichtigsten: Wenn Sie White Screen of Death Fehler Problem auf Ihrem WordPress -Seite konfrontiert sind, dann könnte es sein, dass Ihre Website wurde mit einer Art von Malware oder böse Viren gehackt oder infiziert. In einer solchen Situation müssen Sie den Virus oder Malware-Entfernung von Ihrem WordPress -Seite so schnell wie möglich durchzuführen , um Ihre Website vor weiteren Schäden zu schützen.

Why You Get the White Screen of Death Error?

In most cases, when you see the white screen of death error, it means that you are exhausted the memory limit. This could be caused by the plugin that you may be using which is not functioning properly. Although, tt could also be caused by the poorly coded theme that you are currently using. Also, it could mean that there is a problem with your web hosting server. Since the issues can be caused by any number of things, it may require a lot of troubleshooting.

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Solution For White Screen of Death Error Issue

White Screen of Death Error

  • Increasing the Memory Limit: Normally, White Screen of Death error issue happens because your memory is being exhausted. Thus, increase the PHP memory in the WordPress in order to solve the error issue.

  • Disabling All Plugins: If increasing the memory limit didn’t help you, or if you have a high memory limit such as 256M or 512M, then you need to start the troubleshooting. In our experience of troubleshooting this problem, we have always found that the error issue is either with a specific plugin or a theme. Lets go ahead and disable all the plugins.

  • Replace Theme with a Default Theme: Although, if the plugin troubleshooting does not fix the white screen of death error issue, then you should try to replace your current theme with the default twenty ten theme. The best method to do this is by backing up your theme folder and then delete the theme. Now, the WordPress will automatically fall back to the default theme.

  • Other Fixes: If none of the above fixes this error problem, then you should try to re-install the fresh copy of WordPress. While it is unlikely, but it is quite possible that that core file may have been corrupted. Also, you can use the WordPress debug function to see the what types of errors are being outputted.

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