Effective Method To Fix Outlook Scanpst.exe Errors

Scanpst.exe Errors

Scanpst.exe is classified as an inbox tool which is used to analyze and identify the problematic PST files. This tool specifies the error location onto the system, so that it doesn’t search through the entire mailbox. Instead, it looks only at the personal folder in order to determine whether the data has been corrupted or any other errors to repair in PST files. Although, the Scanpst.exe program reviews the state of the PST file structure. If the PST file is no longer organized in its appropriate structure, then the Outlook inbox repair tool will reconstruct the appropriate header after correcting the error (Scanpst.exe Errors) with a reset.

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Some of the Major Scanpst.exe Errors are:

Scanpst.exe Errors

  • Scanpst fails with fatal error 80040818.

  • Scanpst.exe are not found.

  • Scanpst fails with error 80040806.

  • File is not modified.

  • Scanpst.exe is in use by another program.

  • Freezing of Scanpst during repair.

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How To Find Scanpst.exe on the System

The file location for the inbox repair tool is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12. Although, the location of the Scanpst.exe may vary for almost every version of the Outlook and it sometimes also depends on which language of the Outlook you have installed. Also, it depends on the operating system installed, whether you have installed a 32-bit version or the 64-bit version of the Windows operating system. However, be sure to close the Outlook program prior in order to launching a diagnostic repair.

The diagnosis involves the process that can include up to 8 segments. Logically, more severe issues and the larger PST files will take much longer time to diagnose and also requires more processing time. When the diagnosis is completed, a report will be available. If the repair concludes successfully, then simply tap on “OK” button and then launch the Outlook program again.

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What are the common reasons behind Scanpst.exe Errors?

  • Closing outlook in improper way.

  • Presence of bad sector on the hard disk.

  • Sudden power gone and your PC shut down.

  • Due to antivirus software installed on the computer.

  • Severe virus attack or system failure.

  • Over-sized PST files.

  • Errors while migrating Outlook version.

  • Improper termination of the Outlook software.

Resource Link: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Repair-Outlook-Data-Files-pst-and-ost-25663bc3-11ec-4412-86c4-60458afc5253

Best Method To Fix Scanpst.exe Errors:

Scanpst.exe Errors

If the Scanpst.exe cannot resolve the issue for the first time, then it can be started again. But, again the Scanpst.exe tool can not fix the problem even after running it for the several times, then you need to make use of professional Outlook repair program in order to fix the corrupt PST file and Scanpst.exe Errors to regain the Outlook data.

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