Looking For the Best WordPress CRM Plugins For Your Business Website

WordPress CRM Plugins

Are you looking for the WordPress CRM plugins to improve your business? The true customer relationship management will help you to understand your customers and engage with them throughout an entire customer life cycle. A customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you manage contacts and leads in order to increase sales and maintain relationship with the customers. In this post, we will show you the best WordPress CRM plugins for your business which helps you to effectively manage the leads.

What is a CRM? Why Do I Need WordPress CRM Plugins?

WordPress CRM Plugins

A CRM stands for customer relationship management tool that allows you to manage the customer information in one location. It also provides you some valuable insights into your businesses history with customer. The most important aim of running a business website is to increase sales and offer the best services to your customers. For this, you need a system in order to manage customer relationship. There are lots of third party platforms that can be used as a CRM for your website. Although, wouldn’t it be a great if you could integrate a CRM right onto your WordPress domain..?? Having said that, lets take a look at some of the best WordPress CRM plugins that you can try on your business site.

More Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_relationship_management


  • UkuuPeople

WordPress CRM PluginsUkuuPeople makes it very easy to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system right inside your WordPress website. It also claims to make the CRM system quite simple for the WordPress domain owners. UkuuPeople also helps you to manage your contact in a master list. Thereafter, you can segment you contacts into the groups (tribes) and initiate interactions with them by using touch points. Moreover, you can add team members, schedule meetings, assign them tasks just from your WordPress dashboard. The core plug-in is available for free. Also, it offers the paid add-ons to integrate your UkuuPeople CRM with Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Google Apps etc.

  • WP-CRM

WordPress CRM Plugins

WP-CRM extends the built-in WordPress user management system which allows you to add custom meta data. It comes with an easy to use forms for the front end that can be easily added into your pages. WP-CRM also comes with the powerful filtering features that allows you to sort customers based on the custom attributes which you add. The core plug-in is free but it also comes with the paid add-ons in order to extend the functionality.

Resource Link: https://kinsta.com/blog/crm-wordpress-plugins

  • WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

    WordPress CRM Plugins

    If you are using a Salesforce CRM in order to manage your business contacts, then WordPress to Salesforce CRM plug-in is an easy way to go. It connects your WordPress website to your Salesforce CRM account. Also, it allows you to easily manage the leads captured through your site and syncs them with your Salesforce CRM account. This plugin also comes with an easy to add forms for the WordPress pages and posts.

  • UpiCRM

    WordPress CRM Plugins

    UpiCRM is a free standalone WordPress CRM plugin that works with your WordPress contacts form plugin in order to manage and capture the leads inside the WordPress. It comes with a powerful user management system which allows you to assign the leads, send emails, group contacts etc. Also, it works really well with your Google Analytics and provides you the detailed insights into user activity on your domain.

  • WP-CRM System

    WordPress CRM Plugins

    WP-CRM promises to be a completely featured CRM that allows you to manage you contacts, tasks and projects from the WordPress admin area. It has the support for the teams, projects, groups and task management. This plugin also offers an integration with contact form plugins, Slack and the Zendesk connect as a paid add-ons.

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  • Presspoint CRM

    WordPress CRM Plugins

    Presspoint CRM is a WordPress CRM solution with the great set of features and the functionality. This plugin comes with the email automation, opportunity management, events, e-commerce and custom forms built right into your WordPress domain. Few other unique features of the Presspoint CRM plugin are customer directories, custom profiles and content restrictions. It also allows you to create an unique profiles for every users if you need.

  • WPForms

    WordPress CRM Plugins

    Are you not sure how to use customer relationship managements (CRM) for your business? Perhaps, you would like to checkout the WPForms because this plugin does 2 basic things that any good CRM would do for your WordPress domain. First of all, it allows users to contact you via a contact form that you can add anywhere on your WordPress website. Secondly, WPForms stores all the contact form entries into your WordPress database. However, you can go back to your entries and see when each customer contacted with you.

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Well, we hope this article helped you to find the best WordPress CRM plugins for your business website.

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