Guide To Remove Virus From WordPress Website

Remove Virus From WordPress

A sad reality about running a website is that sometimes they could get hacked. Having our WordPress domain hacked a few times in the past. We absolutely know that how stressful it can be. There is not to mention the impact which it has on your readership and business. Over the past few years, we have helped number of users to remove virus from WordPress domain and recover their hacked WordPress websites including different well known businesses. In this post, we will share a step by step guide to remove virus from WordPress website.

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Few Important Things To Know

Guide To Remove Virus From WordPress Website

First and the foremost, it is no matter that which platform you are using, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Any website can be hacked..!! When your WordPress website is hacked, you will lose your search engine rankings, have you reputation tarnished due to the redirection to pornographic website or other bad neighborhood websites, expose your readers to the viruses and the worst you may lose your entire website data. If your site is a business, then the security should be one of your top priorities and it is important for you to remove virus from WordPress websites.

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Guide To Remove Virus From WordPress Website

That is why, it is crucial that you must have a good WordPress hosting company. If you can afford it, then absolutely use the managed WordPress hosting. However, make sure that you always have a good WordPress backup solution like BackupBuddy in place. Last but probably the most important that have a robust web application firewall. All the above info is great if you haven’t been hacked yet, but the chances are if you are reading this post, then it is probably too late to add some of the precautions that we mentioned above. Thus, before you do anything try to remain as calm as you can.

How To Identify the Hack

Guide To Remove Virus From WordPress Website

When dealing with the WordPress website hack, you are under a lot of stress. Try to remain calm and note down everything that you can know about the hack. Below is the good check list to run down through:

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  • Can you log-in to your WordPress website admin panel?

  • Is your WordPress website redirecting to other domain?

  • Does your WordPress site containing illegitimate links?

  • Is Google marking your domain as insecure?

Note down the list because it will help you when you talk with your hosting company or even when you go down the given link below to fix your WordPress site and remove the malware or viruses quickly. Also, it is crucial that you must change your password before you start the clean up. Moreover, you will also need to change your password when you are done cleaning the hack.

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