Best Code Editors For Mac To Edit WordPress Files

Best Code Editors For Mac

We often get asked about what’s the useful and best code editors for Mac for modifying the WordPress files? Well, you can use any plain text editor like Notepad. However, there are better code editors out there with the features such as advanced find and replace, syntax highlighting, FTP integration and etc. In this post, we will give you the detailed information on some of the best code editors for Mac and also for the Windows users to modify the WordPress files easily.

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Some Best Code Editors For Mac & Windows Users

Best Code Editors For Mac

  • Notepad

Best Code Editors For Mac

Notepad++ is a free and open source code editor for the Windows which is easy to use for the beginners and highly powerful for the advanced users. This code editor comes with the syntax highlighting for many languages including HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. It also comes with a built-in FTP plug-in which allows you to connect to your server and edit the files directly without leaving the editor.

  • TextWrangler

Best Code Editors For Mac

TextWrangler came out of the popular BBEdit text editor. This feature and powerful rich text editor is a freeware. This code editor comes with a very intuitive user interface which makes it super easy to browse the files and work on the projects. It has an advanced search and replace tools and it can directly edit and save the files to SFTP and FTP servers. It also offers the syntax highlighting for many programming languages, completely supports utf-8 and even allows users to convert character encoding of text documents.

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  • Coda

Best Code Editors For Mac

Coda is perhaps one of the most loved web development and programming code editor for Mac. This code editor is famous for its ridiculously good looking interface and the smart powerful features. It also allows you to edit local or the remote files, manage the projects and works on the multiple files at once with an easy switching between tabs. It has built in the terminal, web kit preview, debugger, inspector and so many awesome features.

Important: In some cases, due to few common mistakes, data loss issue may happen to the Mac system. Therefore, you must have a backup of your database that will help you to restore your valuable from Mac. But, if you don’t have a backup and facing data loss situation, then you can use Mac data recovery software for the data restoration.

  • Sublime Text


Sublime Text is a cross platform code editor for Mac, Windows and Linux. It comes with all the features that you would expect from the powerful code editor and then some more. It looks so beautiful and you can tweak the appearance in order to make it more and more comfortable for you. Sublime Text comes with an advanced code editors features that allows users to auto-fill, reference function in a file, auto-complete, split editing, multiple selection and many more.

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  • TextMate

Best Code Editors For Mac

TextMate promises to bring Apple’s approach to the operating systems into a text editor. It is a simple yet feature rich code editor for the Mac. Easy clip board management, auto-completion, sophisticated find and replace, foldable code blocks are some of the powerful features of TextMate.

Well, we hope this article helped you to find the essential and best code editors for Mac and Windows to edit the WordPress files for your needs.

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